Enterprise Architecture

TalTeam has a recognized track record in providing end-to-end Enterprise Architecture services. With consulting and technical proficiency necessary to provide best-of- breed services our committed team promotes the use of various Enterprise Architecture (EA) methodologies and tools. We also have a large pool of easily-adjustable, internally-certified Enterprise Architects across various verticals.


Why TalTeam:

  • Zealous Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • We are experienced in delivering large-sized Enterprise Architecture engagements
  • Ardent Enterprise Architecture Services practice focused on developing thought leadership, building competencies, intellectual property (IP) and domain-specific solutions for enterprises
  • Actively participate in industry forums to develop attainable strategic options and offer policy recommendations
  • Accredited architects in Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, such as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) with hands-on experience in using IBM Telelogic’s System Architect and Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect tools


Value Propositions

TalTeam’s Enterprise Architecture Group comprises of an all-inclusive set of abilities that can be combined to solve compound business functional problems faced by our customers.


Our Value Propositions include

  • Source of best practices, templates, methodologies and governance models
  • Domain-specific reference architectures including domain-based Network-Mobility-Analytics-Cloud-Security (NMACS) architectures as solution accelerators
  • Fly-train-copilot model for forming and developing Enterprise Architecture Practice



  • Enterprise Domain Architectures that is utilized to form customized Enterprise Architectures for customers and partners
  • Building EA enabled programs for customers’ organizations
  • Service Orientation for Enterprise Architecture in several domains with competence in multiple SOA technologies
  • Ability to ramp up the Enterprise Architects Virtual Team when required
  • EA Artifacts Repository that holds the architecture and the solution continuum artifacts
  • Integrating EA Best Practices using top practices that has led to effective EA development, valuation and execution



  • Enterprise Architecture Definition, Roadmap and Methodology
  • Enterprise Architecture Implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture Review and Governance
  • Enterprise Architecture Training
  • SOA Definition, Implementation and Governance




Enterprise Architecture Definition, Roadmap and Methodology

The definition of Enterprise Architecture (EA)consists documentation of “as-is” and “to-be” architectures and any other architectures that needs to be considered. EA documentation is a blueprint that aids stake holders to understand the present form of the organization and the shared vision for the organization’s preferred state.

Depending on the engagement context, EA development methods such as, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and the Architecture Development Method (ADM) are adopted.

Customers can understand the gaps in the current and future state architectures with the help of The EA blueprint. The enterprise architect consequently outlines a roadmap with significant projects that are in transition from the current to the future state. The projects that are to be implemented and the recommended sequence of execution are highlighted in the roadmap. We ensure smooth implementation of the projects by providing high-level supervision on the methodology to execute projects.


Enterprise Architecture Implementation
Customers look for support during the EA implementation, with defined EA blueprint and roadmap. Our EA team has been participating in producing the necessary support during the implementation phase. The kind of support provided includes participating in EA councils in the customer’s organizations and guiding our project teams. To ensure that the Project team’s implementation conforms to the defined Enterprise Architecture, they need to be guided on solution architecture and design. The execution could be done either with or without the backing of a commercial EA Tool. Our EA Group has been engaged in both types of activities. Our enterprise architects are well acquainted with commercial EA tools such as, System Architect from IBM Rational Telelogic, Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems, ARIS from IDS Scheer and Troux.

Enterprise Architecture Review and Governance
Customer organizations sometimes define the EA either in-house or with the help of an external agency. They also adopt industry standard EA governance frameworks. Such customers seek for evaluation, validation and value addition depending on our experience. Our EA group is experienced in such engagements. Enterprise Architecture principally deals with a group of architectures that in turn are reliant on people, processes, and technology. EA Governance deals with suggesting an apt organization structure, accurate processes and technology for implementing the Enterprise Architecture. Our EA group has been involved in supporting the implementation process by recommending additional roles, implementing roadmap with appropriate processes and suitable technology.


Enterprise Architecture Training
We conduct a vigorous and structured EA Training and Certification process to build strong EA practices for our customers. This thorough training program has content quality and coverage equivalence with Open Group accredited training.


SOA Definition, Implementation and Governance

Our proposition for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) definition, implementation and governance consists of:

  • SOA Roadmap and Strategy
  • SOA Architecture Framework
  • SOA Modeling and Research
  • SOA Implementation
  • SOA Life Cycle and Execution
  • SOA Governance Model
  • SOA Assets Creation

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