Testing Services Overview

In today’s world of constantly rising business intricacies, software testing is of critical importance to increase profitability by ensuring customer satisfaction and helping organizations stay ahead of competition in the market place. TalTeam’s Independent Testing Services offers an unbroken extension to our clients’ in‐house testing competences. We work unanimously with clients to understand their business and quality objectives and modify our services to meet their business needs. While regulating and controlling costs incurred in achieving the Quality goals, our Metrics based management model offers transparency and predictable quality. Using our proven methodologies, frameworks and solution accelerators, we partner with our clients to bring the ‘Cost of Quality’ down and improve quality of IT systems.


TalTeam’s Testing Service Offerings

Testing Center of Excellence

Today’s enterprises are required to provide innovative products and applications to the market within a short period of time with minimum effort and investment, which compels companies to achieve operational efficacies in their testing organization and address their business needs in a more efficient and effective manner. TalTeam understands that the answer lies in innovation and effective use of limited resources to improve business value, which is why we help customers to establish a centralized Test Center of Excellence (TCoE). Our TCoE focuses on processes, people, tools, domain expertise and industry best practices with assured ROI and quality, helping companies achieve shorter time-to-market and high quality end products. We supply comprehensive testing services using flexible delivery frameworks comprising of governance models, key re-usable assets and processes.


Testing CoE Highlights

  • Execution of Test Process Management and Industry best practices
  • test management and trend analysis based on Metrics
  • Test Process Gap analysis and implementation
  • Employment of test accelerators, tools and frameworks
  • Complete ROI calculator and tracker
  • Operated as a managed service
  • Providing incessant process enhancements
  • Retaining technical and domain knowledge
  • Product quality dashboards permitting immediate decision making


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